Digital Technology Making Dentistry Better For Patients

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Digital Technology Making Dentistry Better For Patients

Dentistry for the past 20 years has been making amazing advances in Digital Technology. It first started when charting and record keeping went electronic on computers. New software and computers allowed all x-rays, charting, notes, lab communications, and images to be stored in one convenient location on the computer. This allowed for better communication between the Dentist, Patient, Labs, and Insurance Companies. Everyone benefited!

The 2nd major advancement was Digital X-rays. This significantly reduced radiation exposure, improved the quality of the X-ray image, reduced working time, eliminated chemicals for processing x-rays, and improved the Dentists’ diagnostic ability. According to some studies, only 56% of private dental offices today are using digital x-rays.

My next blog will cover other digital advances in Dentistry, such as 3D Digital X-rays, Digital Impression Cameras, and Digital Cavity Detection.

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