New Anesthetics Offer Painless Experiences!

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New Anesthetics Offer Painless Experiences!

I would like to discuss another modern advancement in dentistry that has improved the comfort of all dental procedures. Topical Anesthetics have made Modern Dentistry a more pleasant experience with advances in a more profound topical anesthetic. By combining 3 different topical anesthetics, the new advanced topical anesthetics create a more profound anesthesia or numbing of the gums prior to the injection of the local anesthetic. This provides a nearly painless injection! There are a few Compounding Pharmacies that help formulate these topical anesthetics. It cost us more and we let it sit on the gums for 3-5 minutes which increases the time involved, but at our office we feel it’s a necessary procedure to make your dental visits more comfortable and pleasant.

The other advancement has been in the Local Anesthetics. Septocaine is a local anesthetic that provides a more profound anesthesia than other local anesthetics. It was not available in the United Sates for several years but now has been available for the past few years. Some patients have a difficult time getting totally numbing prior to dental work. Septocaine has helped these patients achieve total numbness and comfort during their dental work.

There is another advancement that benefits patients with “Dental Phobia” or severe fear of dental work. We have available a Licensed Dental Anesthesiologist Specialist that provides sedation or general anesthesia in our office for anyone needing this type of service. Get a good sleep while all of your dental work is completed!

Become a patient and “Experience the Difference” in Quality Dental Care.

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