Why do we get bad breath and what to do about it.

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Why do we get bad breath and what to do about it.



How often are you concerned about if you have fresh smelling breath or not. Bad Breath is more common than most people think. I know most of you have experienced a friend, co-worker, or family member whose breathe almost knocked you over. I would like to explain what causes bad breathe and some of the new technology we as dentist have to help combat bad breath.

Over 60 million Americans experience some form of Malodor or Bad Breath. There are several factors that cause bad breath. Periodontal disease (Gum Disease) untreated, Heartburn and Acid Reflux, Diabetes, Certain Foods and Diets, and an Unclean Mouth.

Our mouths have several different types of bacteria, some good, and some bad. The bacteria in our mouths feed on the food and liquids we placed in our mouths while eating. Food left between our teeth (those who don’t floss) and food stuck in crevices of our tongue’s creating a breeding ground for additional bacteria and maturity of existing bacteria. These bacteria create foul odors comprised of a compound called Volatile Sulfur Compounds. In the past, we as Dentist used products to mask the odors and did not treat the cause. Mouthwashes, Mints, Gums were most commonly used.

Now there are products specifically design to remove the bacteria and neutralize the gases causing Bad Breathe. We use a complete system in our office that is designed to provide fresh breath as well as eliminating plaque, and bacteria that cause bad breath. We use Phillips Breath Rx System.

This system consists of 3 steps.

  1. Brush with a specially formulated toothpaste which combines fluoride, tartar control compound, enhanced stain removal components, and malodor protection of Zytec to eliminate odor.
  2. Scrape with a specially design tongue scrapper to safely and comfortably remove odor causing bacteria from the surface of your tongue. The kit also includes a Antibacterial Tongue Spray with CPC and Zytec to kill the bacteria and loosen trapped food and tongue film.
  3. Rinse with dual action CPC and Zytec that eliminates remaining bacteria and neutralizes odors.

The kit we have at our office includes all of these products and is a total breath management system. This product is a solution, not a temporary fix or masking. All products are alcohol free.

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