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Dr. Williams and his entire team are committed to providing you with the most technologically advanced dental care available.



Our office is a warm and caring environment, which helps reduce stress and maximize the success of every treatment. We work with individual patients and families to create solutions for all their dental needs.

  • Identify Oral Cancer Detector
  • In-Office Lab
  • In-Office Endodontic Specialist
  • Intra Oral Cameras and Cavity Detectors
  • Air Abrasion Cavity Removal without the need for Local Anesthesia
  • Fresh Breath Program
  • Digital X-rays
  • Invisalign®
  • Fillings, Crowns, Bridges, and Veneers
  • Restoration of Dental Implants
  • ZOOM! Bleaching
  • Children’s Dentistry

Additional Advanced Services:

  • Oral Appliance Therapy for Snoring
  • In-Office IV Sedation/General Anesthesia
  • TMJ Treatment
  • Hospital Dentistry for Medically Compromised Patients or “Dental Phobics”


In addition to providing family, cosmetic and preventative dentistry, Dr. Williams provides maxillofacial prosthodontics and reconstructive dentistry. He partners with many healthcare practitioners in treating patients with genetic abnormalities, facial trauma, systemic and oral disease.

Maxillofacial Extra oral Prostheses:

  • Ocular Prosthesis
  • Orbital Prosthesis
  • Auricular Prosthesis
  • Nasal Prosthesis
  • Midfacial Prosthesis
  • Somatic Prosthesis
  • Radiation Shield

Maxillofacial Intra oral Prostheses:

  • Surgical Obturator Prosthesis
  • Interim and Definitive Obturator
  • Palatal Lift Prosthesis (Speech Prosthetics)
  • Palatal Augmentation (Drop) Prosthesis
  • Mandibular Resection Prosthesis
  • Fluoride Carrier

Learn more about the different types of dentistry practices we offer:

This type of dentistry is dedicated to achieving optimal health and optimum repair of the oral health system. A thorough examination is completed and goal-setting is instituted to create a Master Plan that has as its goal maximum protection and preservation of the oral health complex. Crucial to the continuation of optimal health are good daily oral hygiene habits and a strict regime of professional examinations and cleanings to prevent decay and gum disease.
Patients suffer many problems because of inadequately planned and executed dental treatment. Restorative dentistry is that branch of dentistry that takes into consideration all the needs, wants, and values of you—the patient—and designs one best treatment plan that will fulfill your needs and goals.
Dentistry is rapidly moving forward in the areas of Implant Dentistry and Cosmetics. New and innovative procedures and techniques are available today that were unheard of just five years ago. New materials and techniques now enable us to literally transform smiles, enhance self-image, and create self-esteem. Career-making dentistry is now available today which was previously only available to movie stars.
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Mission & Purpose

Our mission is to help people keep their permanent teeth 
for their entire lifetime by providing an atmosphere for our patients to make positive choices for long-term health.


Dr. Williams & Staff

Dr. Brian Williams’ enthusiasm for dentistry doesn’t stop at caring for patients who need preventive or reconstructive services at his Scottsdale practice.


The Practice

We empower and educate patients to make sound, intelligent decisions regarding their long-term
dental health.



Our state-of-the art dental technology allows for us to offer our patients services that are faster, better and less intrusive than most people might imagine.